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Personal Appeal From Lee Fryatt, Father of Daniel And Duty of Care Petition Author

At the end of this week our petition ends, have you signed and given your support?

At the end of this week will you have challenged the status quo?

At the end of this week will you have helped to challenge the government’s position that a general duty already exists?

At the end of this week will you have helped highlight that despite what the government says, our students are NOT legally protected?

At the end of this week will you have helped reduce the risk of student suicide?

Most parents are oblivious to the fact that their children may be at significant risk. In 2018 I was one of those parents. Please watch the video and listen to this amazing poem created by my friend Ricky Nuttall. 'University of Life' is the name of the poem. My daughter helped me pick out our memories of Dan: we keep these in our hearts now. As you watch you will see my son, one of 96 students that died in British universities that year. Far too many bright futures are taken by suicide, far too many empty shoes.

Please support our campaign to help prevent future student deaths. Show the government that we all care, that we do care for a 'duty of care'. Please sign. Please share. Stay connected with your loved ones, and reach out if you need help at university. Demand a duty of care. Thank you."

Lee is a member of The LEARN Network and started the Duty of Care Petition almost 6 months ago.

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