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Universities must have a
Statutory Duty Of Care to their Students

Statute For Student Safety (S4SS) Campaign

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I’m Hilary Grime, Phoebe's mum, and the S4SS campaign lead for the The LEARN Network.


We in The LEARN Network are committed to campaigning for a Statutory Duty of Care for students from their Higher Education providers. We know this will save lives. Our group successfully petitioned parliament to address the shortcomings in higher education through the provision of a general duty of care standard. It would cover policies, processes and procedures, as well as day-to-day practices.

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In the past year we have worked with government through the Higher Education Mental Health Implementation Taskforce to enhance all the processes, training and access to mental health support that will improve the student journey, from Welcome Week to Graduation. But we know many of these improvements will never be implemented unless the law forces the sector into measurable action. 


The result of the upcoming election could make all the difference: new MPs, new leadership and new thinking. So, if you're a student, a parent, or just interested in the support offered to students by the sector, we urge you to send this message to all the candidates standing in your constituency. Let's get them on board so that our voice can resonate in Westminster. 

Make July 4 the start of a new era - one where our concerted action save student lives!

128,293  have spoken.

Give us our Statute now!

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