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Our Alliances

We have listed the following organisations because it is important to know of their existence and to learn from their work. They may not agree with us and our methods, and we can learn from that, but there are also overlapping interests and end goals.

Zero Suicide Alliance

LEARN members contributed their stories to the 'Suicide Awareness Training – university student edition' video aimed at students and their families. The training takes 20 minutes and can be accessed here.


PAPYRUS exists to reduce the number of young people who take their own lives. LEARN members have worked closely with Papyrus leadership.

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Universities UK

LEARN members contributed to the Suicide Safer Universities Guide, guidance on Information Sharing and University Placement Guidance.

Student Minds

Student Minds consulted with LEARN members ahead of the publication of the Universities Mental Health Charter. We believe their 2018 publication 'Student Mental Health: The Role and Experiences of Academics' is vital reading for anyone interested in making change to prevent future deaths and helping university staff and students to thrive.

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Higher Education Policy Institute 

HEPI is the only independent think tank devoted to higher education in the UK. LEARN members have contributed to HEPI blogs and we learnt from HEPI that 81% of students would be ok for the university to contact their parents/guardians if there were extreme concerns about their mental health.


INQUEST provide free and independent advice on the inquest process. If you need to prepare for an Inquest then it is worthwhile contacting them in order to share your concerns and understand how this process might be part of preventing future deaths.


“They may fight with us, but they don't fight for us.”
Christopher Paolini

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