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Is Our Story Your Story?

Each LEARN family left an inquest believing there was more that could have been done to prevent the death of their child or sibling. Preventing future deaths is the way we will gain meaning from unimaginable loss. If you find similarities in your story might it be helpful to chat with one of us?

Please do not hesitate to share and get in touch

Stories of Loss

Each life is unique. Each story is different. We may not be able to stop mental ill-heath, we cannot stop life events but we can control our own actions and respond to those who may be struggling by acting with compassion. The 'acts' or 'omissions' in taking action are the common thread running through the stories of the LEARN group members. 


Every institution, every workplace, every organisation has a system of oversight - a set of policies and procedures that ensure safety of its members, staff and students. However, alarm bells don't always ring and people don't always act. We use the 'Swiss Cheese Model' to analyse our stories and highlight those moments when our loved ones could have been helped but instead 'fell through the cracks' of the system. We do this analysis because we want to show where systems fail and could be improved. Our goal is to prevent future deaths and ultimately create a more proactive and compassionate culture.  


Click on the link within some of the stories to see the 'Swiss Cheese Model' showing key moments and missed interventions. 

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